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i used to be on a mag crew as they call them....the whole point of the crew was to do exactly what these complaints said and that is to steal the money from polite helpful people that didnt need to be messed over...i realized how bad things really were when these kids in my crew were gettin beaten and left at bus stops with no money...i had to lie to get them to send me home saying that someone had died in my family just to go home...i never wanted to hurt or steal from anyone and as soon as i got the picture that these mag crews are rip offs i got out of there...this is not a good oppurtunity for kids and above all its a horrible condition to subject kids too...if anyone can help do something about it then dont buy magizines...they wont ever come to u and there will be no getting money back to u...

meagan taylor



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Beth- you did scam.You came to my house and I gave you money and never received a *** thing.

I will find you and you're "crew". End of story.

You all will pay..And it will be alot more than what I gave.


All of you who are going on and on about how great it is to work "on crew" - have you thought at all about what is going to happen to your lives once you're done?My brother spent years on crew, and at the time thought he loved what he did.

During those years he was arrested and ticketed for solicitation numerous times, and every time the manager would bail him out and they'd move on to the next city. Guess what? That stuff doesn't go away! Fast forward a few years and my brother was hooked on drugs (which he was given while on crew), had a record a mile long, outstanding warrants in numerous states, couldn't get a drivers license in his own state, and had the IRS after him for tens of thousands of dollars.

Guess what? Did your managers tell you that they hire you as "independent contractors" and you are responsible for filing your own taxes as such? Do they tell you that even though you are hired as independent contractors, THEY still claim the expenses you should be able to claim as an independent contractor?

My brother hanged himself in his bedroom and died at the ripe old age of 27, his life in shambles because of the time he spent "on crew." The day he went on crew was the first day of the end of his life.Please think ahead to what your life will be like once you are out before it is too late to turn things around.




I forgot to say in my last post, if you have any questions or concerns about the magazine crew, or if you were on either of the crews I was on please e-mail me:


I was on a mag crew myself, well two, 076 and 074. It seemed legit at first and a fun way to travel the U.S. but I was wrong in the end. My first door was hard but it boosted my self esteem (only thing that the job..dont even want to call it one cause its not legit...but the only thing it helped with. I enjoyed it at first but the momment I found out it was a scam I stopped and refused to "speal" people at the door, instead I told them the truth.

Being back in my hometown Spokane, WA. now, and free from being on a magazine crew I have seen and talked with several mag. crews, with one stopping and trying to get me to join there crew since the guy was in the process of training someone else, instead of telling him yes, I laid down the facts and truth about the magazine crews with the guy he was training that day, later that night I heard on the news that the guy quit due to an ex magazine sales person telling him the facts,..I didnt want to see another person get ditched in an unknown territory like I almost did when we were down in Portland, OR.

So all I got to say is this is one scam that I will not go near again in my life, plus I got a fiance and a daughter to think about instead of ruining other peoples lives through a scam.


look i was a 009 i worked for jp and shay rice and it is a scam u work endless days to make ten dollars a day sumtimes u do make money yes i had a ten sell day my first day out alone but it was luck and sometimes u cant eat, pluss some not all but some managers use there female workers as sex slaves and if they dnt let it happen they get raped b4 i left cus i missed my ex one manager said wat u wana get laid pick a girl ill make her *** u i didnt do it but they rly ment it and on my first week there i saw a kid get beat for not selling enough and then beat agian for tryna get elp cus he snitched im lucky i didnt go alone i brought my friend travis radford wth me he was nota good sails man and didnt get beat becouse they give u twoweeks to figure out wats goin on first but after that theyr ruthless ive never been told the magazines didnt come and i gave out my real name i think thats true but its a pyramid scheme were girls become slaves for sex the guys get beat and they use drug addiction ageanst u if u sell ten or more they give u drugs and drinks and send girls on u if u dnt sell enough u cant drink or do drugs or touch a girl or ull get beat ,pluss my friend travis left b4 me becouse i was a hih seller he wasnt so they pretty much forced me to stay and they asked if iwanted to go home cus i missed my girl i said yes and he said pick a girl ill make her *** u i said no then saved jus enough to get home witch i had to do from the middle of nowere wth my life in bags by...

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Anyone know anything about this happening in the LA area?


Look man aci is not a *** scam...all u ex agents r just wabs nd u don't kno how to grasp an opportunity when its thrown in ur face..I'm a tc high day of just 15 high week of just 63 but I still get paid fat nd I've NEVER been beaten or stranded anywhere u guys just r some complainin lil bytches nd don't have a personality good enough to get someone to buy a magazine...just like ally nd beth said its not the company who scams people its the agents who don't turn in the orders..get a life nd quit expressing ur problems to the internet like its doctor phil..nobody wants to hear ur wabbish ways man just stop I don't think people want it rubbing off on them...ACI 052 REPRESENT!!!!!!!


yo well i kno someone who went o that ACI he came back 6 days later n told us so much about drugs everynite that they brainwash you it didnt seem right to bein with whn they picked him up but it didnt click on how odd it was until he left he said people just started vanishing n he was hearing of thembeating a woman and raping her and leaving her in a ditch to die he said he had to esacpe an once he got back down here 2 men came looking for him at a friends house n hunted him down the men had a gun and tazers so all the *** about it bein all good and *** watever its BS!!!!!!!!! if something happens to my friend i will track these people down


And btw trygrve normann I have known Jp since before he haD a crew and he waS still knocking doors and he has never had a 27 sale agent work for him just goes to show how much bs is written all over this *** page!!!!

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